Edvard Scott

  1. Founder of Here-Now
  2. Initiator of G R Ö N
  3. Ex-Creative Director at EY DOBERMAN
  4. Creator of KOD & FORM
  5. Occasional Beckmans College of Design lecturer
  6. Former Design Sweden board member
  7. Stockholm Design Lab alumni
  8. Pre-historic abstract illustrator
  9. Born at 348.38 ppm
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  11. iam@edvardscott.com



G R Ö N hopes to become a green space for typographic creativity. A co-habited place where freshness, fun, exceptional character, and juicy details are highly valued and looked after. G R Ö N is initiated by Letters from Sweden and Edvard Scott, but belongs to its members. We share its profits; both the learnings and the cash. Join our world.

Creative direction
Concept development
Visual identity
Art direction
Website design

G R Ö N dancing is like an overexcited ballroom dancer, this breakaway typeface swings, spins and skids into the hearts of most keen audiences. Try and buy Viktor’s first font, gron.world/dancing/

G R Ö N need4speed is like nitro in your Font Book. An untameable typographic beast ready to be released onto green pastures. This magnificent madness is Tuva’s first release. Try and buy, gron.world/need4speed/

You call it G R Ö N tobo. We call it love. Evocative, emotional, expressive. Whatever case (UPPER or lower) you’re from, this is for you! Buy and try Reidar's first font here, gron.world/tobo/

G R Ö N zoid is a collection of independent movements. An anarchistic approach to angles. Its lack of hierarchy makes everyone feel welcome. Zhuzh your designs with Zoid. Try or buy here, gron.world/zoid/




Mojo are fertility geeks, in particular male fertility and sperm. So geeky that they built an AI-powered microscope that revolutionises both accessibility to and the level of standard in sperm analysis.

All work done as part of a stellar team at EY Doberman.

Creative direction
Concept development
Art direction
Digital product
Website design